Dr. Ronald (Ron) E. Hestand, RScP

About Dr. Hestand:

Dr. Hestand is a retired Forensic/Prison Psychologist and is a 100% disabled American Navy veteran.

He holds a BS in Psychology, from Missouri Western State University, an MS in Marriage and Family Therapy from The United States International University, an MS in Counseling Psychology from Missouri Western State University, and an EdD in Counseling Psychology from The University of Sarasota.

He has a long list of professional and regular publications and presentations. His blog here began as occasional random thoughts, but is evolving into a showcase for his writing in spirituality, self-help and New Thought and Unity topics.

He is a Certified Addictions Counselor, a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, a Life Coach, an Ordained Religious Science Practioner.

He teaches regular classes in Unity principles and other spiritual topics at his home church, Unity Center of Unlimited Possibilities in Williamsville New York. He also taught classes at various Unity churches in Florida and New Thought centers in California.

He is available for life counseling in person or via phone for a nominal fee. He is also available to present or teach at your church or group on spiritual and healing topics at your church or center.


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