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DNA and Human Emotions


From a Quantum Physics Perspective


In the mid 1990’s, scientists working with the U. S. Army conducted an experiment to determine whether or not our feelings affect DNA which has been removed from the body. 1 It was reasoned that once tissue, skin, organs are removed from a human body, our connection with those removed parts should cease to exist.


The researchers collected a swab of tissue (DNA) from the inside of a volunteer’s mouth. The DNA sample was isolated and placed in a specially-designed chamber and taken to another room in the same building. The donor, who was in another room located a good distance away, was shown a series of video images designed to elicit a wide range of emotional responses. While the donor was undergoing the ‘treatment’ the DNA in the room down the hall was measured for its reaction.


An extraordinary thing happened. When the donor’s measured responses registered emotional “peaks” or “dips”, the donor’s DNA showed a simultaneous electrical response that either spiked or dipped. The DNA acted as if it were still connected to its donor at a distance.


Following those initial studies, Dr. Cleve Backster continued the experiments which, at one point, separated the donor from the DNA by over 350 miles. Even at those distances the measured responses between the DNA and the donor were instantaneous. 2


1 Julie Motz, “Everyone on Energy Healer: The Treat V Conference” Advances the Journal of Mind-Body Health, Vol. 9, Santa Fe, NM, 1993.


2 Jeffrey Thompson, “The Secret Life of Your Cells,” Center for neuro-acoustic Research, 2000.




From a Spiritual Perspective 


Matter is not separate from Spirit. It is Spirit expressing Itself as matter.*


What if the mind (what we see and believe as mind) consists of ‘non-local’ consciousness “stuff” that is similar to the submicroscopic matter of quantum physics? What if the self of self-reference (our waking self) is merely the local (collapsed wavicle) self of the Universal Self (God, the One Reality) which is the Source and Ground of all that is?


Every experience we have is a collapsed wave. Every collapsed wave (experience) becomes a memory. Each memory becomes an imprinted record in our consciousness. Our consciousness warehouses every experience and uses experiences to quantify life experience. Our prior experiences, then, bias the brain-mind and we become conditioned to ‘see’ things in certain ways.


We begin to assume a myopic view of the world/universe as we become products of our limitedness created by our interpretations of experience. This interpretation is based on the assumptions, worldview, fabrications (all aspects of our self-referential programming) of our human ego which manufactures the self-object illusion to sustain its identity.




I found this piece online. ( ) I found it interesting. We were created from the God-Mind at the Big Bang, which is more appropriately seen as the enlightening. The Oneness created the universe in a sudden explosion of matter. That matter contained the quantum that would eventually make up the stars and planets.


Within those stars is the elements, and as stars throw off flares which then condense into the elements. As time went on, eventually planets were born. Here on Earth, at least, those elements coalesced into amino acids, and then into life.


Thus, the progression that the Oneness started, ended up being us! As the singularity at which all quantum lie, is the field of unlimited potential, that is the God-Mind in substance. However, it is not the God-Mind. It is only the creation of the God-Mind or Oneness.


If we read the Bible, we see many stories and metaphors. In Unity, we read these with an eye toward metaphysical interpretation of them. Thus, we do not see the Bible as the inerrant word of God. It is written by men, at particular times over many centuries. It incorporated stories from other cultures. It was, however inspired by Divine Ideas within the Oneness.


A special word is necessary here. In Unity, we do not view God as some white bearded old man sitting somewhere in the ether. We see each of us is divine. We are all part and parcel of the Oneness. Genesis tells us that we were created in the image and likeness of God. We ARE NOT SEPARATE from God. We are the Oneness expressing as each of us.


We are all part of that Oneness, and as such infinitely connected to each other at the Spiritual level.


Now this is a highly-simplified explanation, but for the purposes of this brief newsletter, it will have to do. Perhaps later, I can do a newsletter on this very concept of the Oneness, and the various synonyms of it, such as Christ, God-Mind, God, Jesus Christ, Principle, etc.


The article I have included shows how we are intimately connected to our DNA even across space and time. Additionally, we are all intimately connected because we contain that Oneness,


In future issues of the newsletter, I plan to insert more quotes from this site. It’s a wonderful place for metaphysical interpretation.


An additional site for great information is I frequent that site as well.


Peace be with you.


We are now in the presence of Pure Being. Immersed in the Holy Spirit of love, life, and wisdom. I acknowledge they Presence and power, O Blessed Spirit. In thy Divine Wisdom now erase my mortal limitations. From Thy pure substance of love, bring into manifestation my world according to thy perfect plan. (Charles Fillmore)






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