A semi-nonpartisan analysis of the State of the Union

For the last few administrations, we have noted a growing antipathy between the parties. Upon the election of President Clinton, the Republican Party as led by Newt Gengrich, set out to destroy that administration with the White Water affair. When that didn’t work, they sought to impeach President Clinton.

George Bush’s administration was beseeched by stonewalling by many members of the Democratic Party, and a contention of the Democrats that there was widespread voter fraud on the part of the GOP. The same thing occurred during President Bush’s second election. One of his elections had to be settle by the Supreme Court.

A major leading Republican flatly stated that it was the duty of the GOP to see that President Obama’s administration failed. In addition, a group of conservatives contended that President Obama was not a US citizen his education was questioned. When these efforts to unseat President Obama failed, but did manage to convince enough people two years in to the first term the conservatives managed to take control of the House. This gave the GOP the power to literally bock any efforts of the administration to enact any legislative efforts. During the first and second terms propagandists sought to convince the voters that President Obama as well as virtually all progressives were socialists or communists!

Now, both parties seek to put a negative spin on the actions and proposals put forward. We have never seen such a severe schism between the parties since Harry Truman’s administration. It is the oppositional behavior between the parties that allowed a huge budget surplus at the end of President Clinton’s administration in to an enormous deficit at t end of President Bush’s term in office. The unyielding opposition of the parties threw the country into an almost terminal recession, not only of the US, but the entire world. The schism in term of the best theory of economics which the US should be operated under. The depth of the recession has resulted in the loss of buying power of the so called 98%, and a contraction of the middle class, and a concomitant expansion of the lower class, and an explosion of the poor.

We must bridge the gap between the two parties ideologies. We must upon the outcome of an election, cast aside our partistanism and put on the mantle of Statespersonism. We must be united by our patriotism. If we fail to do this, we will follow the path of Superpowers of history into oblivion.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers. I am a mere retired psychologist and adjunct sociology instructor. It is in the hand of the younger people of the world to accomplish these goals which are not only necessary but mandatory, or there exists not only the possibility, but enevidability of a worldwide economic revolt, not just a mere civil war in the US.

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