The Mind

Plato’s Cave

The universe is far more than the mechanical model we have created while chained to the wall in Plato’s allegory of the cave. In that allegory, we are chained to a wall and can only see the wall in front of us. We can see figures and objects passing by through the shadows they cast on the wall. In effect, they are our only perception of the world are the shadows.” Science now describes a universe in which our previous concepts about eternity and concepts like God found a place to reside and coexist with our science” (ibid. P 79).


Consciousness and the Mind

Let me stop here for a bit and say a little about consciousness and the mind. I have talked about both concepts a bit above, but the idea of consciousness and mind is important in quantum physics.


Consciousness is difficult to grasp. The newborn is obviously self-aware as demonstrated by the fact that they are always examining their hands and feet. In this it demonstrates consciousness starting at birth. To begin with consciousness is subjectively experienced, and as such is intangible. While we can see in brain studies activation of certain areas when we pay attention to something that does not define consciousness, therefore, must reside beyond the body. Ultimately consciousness is a mystery. It should be described at least in comparison to “awareness”. Awareness is that subjective perspective of things in the environment which are registered with in our sphere of knowledge which we comprehend in some way.


That brings us to another nebulous concept – that is our mind. Again, we have no notion how it works. We all know we have a mind. It has been described to be our thinking and reasoning. Yet like consciousness these activate areas within the brain, but the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


Psychology, religion, philosophy, and cognitive sciences all have a different definition of the mind and consciousness. However, generally we can think of the mind as a set of facilities that enable consciousness, perception, thinking, judgment, and memory. The mind enables us to have a subjective awareness and enables us to have intentionality toward the environment, to perceive and respond to stimuli with agency and to have consciousness, including thinking and feeling (


It is with both our mind and consciousness that we are an extension of the God – mind. That connection is in the singularity. With that connection, we can affect the quantum and cause it to unite with trillions of other quanta into matter. In addition, that matter takes the form of whatever we are thinking. In that way we create our own individual subjective universe and all that is and it. Nickolaus believes that when we do that we move into a parallel universe. Parallel universes are a part of string theory.

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