You are God

“Let me say it again: Stop trying so hard to know that everything is as it should be. Just rest your mind and heart and emotions and body in God-Mind. When you are truly being God, you cannot struggle to do anything. It is when you are thinking of self that you struggle and see nothing but darkness and grief and failure. ” Charles Fillmore, Christian Healing, Unity Village

We often wonder why our prayers are not answered. Charles Fillmore gives us a good answer above. We do better to rest in the Oneness. When we do, we become detached from our go mind, we can move mountains. Jesus said, “These things I do, you can do and more.”

We have the power of God. We were born in the image and likeness of the Oneness. That means we share the creative power of that one mind. Whatever the Oneness can do or create, so too can we. It’s simply a matter of setting aside our Ego.

Now that isn’t easy. We are victims of our past. A great many of us came from some other religious upbringing than Unity. I know I did. I came from the Disciples of Christ via the Episcopal Church (and an extremely conservative priest and Humanism. I was told as a youth that I was horrible, awful, and not worthy of becoming anything. Both from the church and my parents.

I could not accept that. I knew I was good, despite being blamed for everything my brother did when I was a kid. I couldn’t accept the idea that God was so vindictive. I rejected God. I joined the Humanist Association, and signed the Humanist Manifesto II. I founded the Humanists of San Diego, and wrote a Humanism column in a San Diego area newspaper. I had a short lived cable program on Humanism that explored alternate belief systems. But that still left a hole in my soul, so to speak.

I returned to the Lutheran Church that my wife then belonged to. Still no inspiration. All the while I was reading “The Science of Mind Magazine” because it fit in with my brand of psychotherapy.

Several years later, when I met my wife, we both discovered Unity of Sebring. We were home. I learned that I am God! There is no separation from God as I was taught all those years. That is why we term it “Oneness.” There is only the God-Mind. All else is a part of that mind. It is an extension of it.

You are God. Take an inventory of your thoughts. What thoughts are keeping you from what you truly are.

When you discover an error thought that is not in line with Truth, let it go and change your thoughts.


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