Myrtle Fillmore’s 5 steps to Healing

Myrtle Fillmore’s 5 Steps to Healing

(Adapted from  Rev. Ellen Debenport)

In Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters, Chapter 9, “No Incurable Disease” she gives a formula for healing. Rev. Debenport pulled out five steps that help us learn to heal ourselves. In her YouTube presentation of these steps, she notes that healing comes from God. But upon hearing that, people ask her “But how?” or “What are we supposed to do?” So Ellen pulled out the five steps that Myrtle spoke of, but didn’t point them out. So Ellen did,

These steps are:

  1. Know the Truth of You
  2. Notice your thoughts and actions
  3. Use your creative power
  4. See health as your natural state
  5. Realize Oneness.

The first step, “Know the Truth of You” refers to the fact that we are whole and perfect. It is our job to know and accept that we are perfect, It’s our heritage as children of God. Now, that God is not way out there somewhere. God is within us, expressed as our Christ. But too often we lose sight of that fact. I know I do whenever I am physically challenged, as when I lost the sight of my left eye due to macular degeneration. I had to stop and remember that being blind in one eye was not who I really am.

The Fillmores believed that we become ill, suffer bad relationships, or experienced financial hardship because of error thought. By error thought, I mean that we have accepted to be our truth what the subjective world has taught. How often do we hear someone say, “I am cancer?” I seriously doubt that anyone has ever said that. Yet, when we name a condition, we keep that name in mind, and we are told in Proverbs, “As a man thinketh, so he is.” In short we outpicture what is on our minds.

Now we may not go about saying, “I am cancer,” but we do hear people saying “My bills are eating me alive.” Psychologist have found that the stress from bills do “eat us alive” This occurs because when we are stressed, our body gets ready to fight like the dickens, or run like hell. It’s called the Fight or Flight Syndrome. Our heart beats faster, our digestion shuts down, our muscles tense, and sometimes we break out in a cold sweat.

When we keep such things in our minds, we are creating a state of dis-ease. We are told to calm down. “You can’t think straight when you are stressed.” How very true this is. So, we must leave aside past mistakes and untrue suggestions, and dwell on the truth of  who we are.

The way out of this is to focus our attention on the Oneness, and our inborn perfection. Myrtle, in healing her TB brought her mental attention to each organ and thank it for what it does for her. She brought all Twelve Powers of Humankind” to play. She saw herself as God saw her. So to you are better to focus on that place in your mind where you can see yourself as God sees you!

The second step is to notice our thoughts and actions. Pay attention to what you say and think. What do you say to yourself when you talk to yourself? What do you do? As we have often said in these newsletters, that “we are what we think.” What are our habits? Are they in line with the Divine law of health? Do you eat correctly? Eat a balanced diet? Get exercise? Do you meditate and pray regularly? How often? What are you praying?”

What is on your mind? Do you worry or are you afraid of something? What is it? Take a look at just what it’s doing for you? And, yes, we do worry and fear for a reason. Psychologists call this the secondary gain. So, look into your subconscious mind and determine if there are things there that we carry that influence us today?

My father was a cold brutal man to me when I was young. I would receive a beating if I missed a word on our weekly spelling tests, or got a wrong answer in my arithmetic homework or tests. So, I was really scared of both subjects. It was if I put up a block against them. How I ever got through my Statistics classes in Grad School, I’ll never know. I burned the midnight oil every night studying my stats book. And spelling!!!! OMG, I still have difficulty in the spelling department. Thank goodness for spell check. I’m no longer afraid of those things, but I must work on them every day. But now, I affirm the ease of doing math and that my spelling has improved. However, for years I carried with me the idea that I was not any good. I was worthless, or as my father was fond of saying, “I’d never amount to a hill of beans!”

I constantly struggled with the feeling of worthlessness. Finally, I discovered that feeling of worthlessness. I began being thankful for my accomplishments, and that I was indeed a success. I had good friends, I had a good job, but I still struggled with that deep seated belief. I chose wives that made me feel like what I felt, a failure. So, I had gone through 3 bad relationships. That changed when I met my current wife, Marcia. Just a few short weeks after we were married, we discovered Unity. I found I was a divine child of God, and as such was perfect!

It can be painfull at times when we touch those deep seated beliefs and fears. But As we affirm that we are that Divine Child, and that the Oneness is there to protect us, we find it easier and easier to get through those feelings.

The Third Step is to Use our Creative Power. As I have pointed out in previous newsletters, we are made in the image and likeness of the Creator, or the Oneness. That means that we too have the creative power that the Oneness has. It’s in our genes so to speak. Throughout the Bible, we are told that what we think is what we get. Thought is our creative power, backed by our power of Imagination. We can use the power of discernment to help tell which thoughts are true, and which are not. We can use the power of understanding to know the truth of our actions.

Have you noticed that I’ve been suggesting that we bring the Twelve Powers of Humankind as I have been referring to, Remember the truth of who you are is that you have the God power to change conditions. We do well to keep our attention centered on the Christ mind within us. We often have blinders on and are not looking at anything but the things our senses tell us. We must look to the impulses of the soul. And use our twelve powers to move us into the truth of who we are.

The fourth step is to realize that health is our natural state. Being Divine Children of God, we are born perfect and healthy. But as we begin to accept what society is teaching us about dis-ease and assorted ailments and conditions, we substitute those things as who we are. But that’s a lie! We do well to stop believing that dis-ease is something real. If you do think of dis-ease, look beyond that condition for the error thoughts that create it in the outer world. Then erase that belief and substitute the truth of who you are. “Exercise faith in health as the one power and presence in you.” , (Debenport, E. accessed July 16, 2017.  slide 21, “Myrtle’s Five Steps to Healing.” Unity Village, MO. Health and Healing class.). Know that you are an expression of the Oneness and therefore perfectly healthy.

The fifth and final step is to realize the Oneness. With total commitment to and conviction of the Oneness, nothing can be taken from you. Despite outward appearances you are whole perfect, and prosperous. Know that the Oneness is love, and that the Oneness reigns supreme within you now and forever.

You can listen to Rev. Ellen Debenport discuss this in her Youtube presentation at:


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