Two Different Stories of Creation






Day 2



Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6,


Day 7

Genesis One

Day and Night




Firmament and heaven



Dry land (earth), plants


Seasons, day and night


Sea creatures, birds,


Animals, man and woman


God rests

Genesis Two

Heaven and earth, plants, man in Eden





As we can see, in the first version, God took 6 days of creation, and rested on the seventh. In the second, it seems all was created in one day, with possibly the creation of Eve. on a separate day. It is interesting that in the second version, there is no Sabbath!

This is because like other books in the Scriptures, several authors wrote them from different perspectives and times. The first version is attributed to a Priestly writer, according to the NISV Interpreters Bible, That source goes on to note that the “Image and likeness of God” has been interpreted many ways, but we in Unity prefer the literal version, that we were created in the image and likeness of God with the same creative powers. In addition, it notes that “out of the ground” implies that God had to implant the soul. This Interpreters Bible notes that this creation in the image and likeness of God could either be interpreted as the function, which traditional Christianity hold fast to, in the idea that we were put here to tend for the earth.  The nature interpretation, which I see Unity holding  to seems to imply that we have the same powers of man, and create our own realities.

The second version of the Creation in Genesis 2 is by another writer, and takes place as I noted above with no reference to time. It takes place entirely in the Garden of Eden. The Interpreters Bible annotation suggests that this writing took place in a land of plants and animals, thus the order of creation. It notes that man was alone, and God didn’t think it was right, so he created a woman from Adam’s rib. (This passage is often used to justify woman’s secondary place in society.)

However, I must question the Interpreters Bible’s commentary ending about the end of the creation narrative that other humans were created to help Adam tend for the garden as second reason for Eve, but this rendition does not, that I could find, mention the creation of other people. Growing up, I was taught that the entire population stemmed from Adam and Eve’s children. Additionally, I have never seen an explanation of where the Giants came from. From other sources, suggest they were the Nephilim and human offspring.

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