We who have been around Unity churches for even a short time are used to saying “There is only One Presence, One Power in the Universe and in my life. God, the Good, Omnipotent.”


But what does that mean? It means that we believe that God and we are one! There is no God “out there” as we probably learned in traditional Christian denominations. God is pure Spirit, not a person or a being, but a Spirit of which we are an outpicturing of the mind of God, or the Christ-Mind, or Oneness.


By definition, One Presence, One Power means non-duality. There is nothing real that is not God. In most of the traditional Christian denominations that we were raised in the “One Power, One Presence” and I am not part of it. I am not God. This sets up a duality. This a God “out there,”


In Unity we do not believe there is any separation between us and God. We are an expression of God, part of God, and not separate. That is why we call this the Oneness.



We believe that Jesus learned that the Christ-Mind (Oneness) as the Truth of who he was. Ant that is our Truth. In fact, Jesus said, “The Father and I are one.” (John 14:20, NRSV). Later, Jesus stated, “ I am in the Father, and in you and you in me and I in you.” (John 14:20, NRSV).


But what does that mean to us? We hold that the traditional Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are aspects of Beingness. That is one Being with three aspects of Mind, Idea, and Expression. There is one being with three attributes or as Charles Fillmore says in Christian Healing, “There is one Being with three attitudes of mind, we have stated in plain terms all that is involved in the intricate theological doctrine of the Trinity.” (2nd Edition, 2005)


God the Father, Son, Holy Spirit

God, Christ, Holy Spirit

Mind, Idea, Expression.

(Paul Hasselbeck, (2008) “Heart centered Metaphysics.  Unity Village, MO: Unity.


God does not have power, God is power. God does not have love, God is love. God does not have spirit, God is Spirit, and on and on for anything you can think of God having, God is those things.

However, the can be no sin, since God is all Good, and God is all there is. What became the concept of sin in the Bible referred to the garbage pit outside Jerusalem, called Sheol. It was a pit constantly burning. So it is easy to see how the concept of sin became associated with eternal punishment in a burning pit of fire.



But we Unitics know that sin is an archery term for “missed the mark” and is a state of our minds. It is the hell on earth that we create. It is error thought which we can change by knowing the Truth of who and what we are. We are expressions of the Christ-Mind, just like the paper I wrote this on before I typed it into my computer (which is also a part of the Christ-Mind also) for you to read.


What we fail to recognize is that in being one with God, or The Oneness, we have the Kingdom of God within us. (Luke, 17:21­, NRSV). Jesus also said we are in him and he is within us. Thus, there is no duality. And we create our world with our thoughts. Just as God created us with thought.


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