Denial and Affirmation

Thoughts have their beginnings in Divine Ideas. The use of denials and affirmations is a key tool in Unity Positive Prayer practice.


Thoughts occupy space in the mental field. A healthy state of mind and body is achieved when we let go of old error thoughts and replace them with the Truth of who we are.


Because thoughts are things, we can observe the Law of Mind Action and the power of thoughts. Our thoughts then outpicture in the subjective world in   and around us.


Work done in the conscious mind is important because this is the place where we can consent or refute our thoughts and beliefs. That is we can deny or affirm thoughts which then becomes action in the direction of those thoughts. Denial and Affirmations are a two part process for sweeping out old error ideas and thoughts and rebuilding of the consciousness with Truth. They bring us into the Spiritual Laws.


Denial is the process by which we let go and release old unproductive thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs. Denial also is the ability or great “no-no” powers of the mind.


Affirmation on the other hand are the “yes-yes” ability of the mind to claim, accept and realize the power to accept and realize the newer truer, higher or more correct thoughts, beliefs, feelings, attitudes and feelings. They more fully align us with the Truth of who we are and what we are and with the Divine Idea.




Emilie Cady in “Lessons in Truth” tells us that, “To deny oneself, then, is not to withhold comfort or happiness from the external person, much less to inflict torture upon oneself, but it is to deny the claims of error consciousness, to declare these claims to be untrue. (pp. 47-48)


By this we learn that what we are really doing is a kind of cleaning house in our mind. Or to put it another way, using our Power of Elimination (Twelve Powers of Man by Charles Fillmore). If a lake has an outlet, new water comes in. Without that outlet water stagnates, or loses the ability to sustain life, like the Dead Sea.


Denial is not the mere withholding or hoping something will go away as Cady said. It is the absence of the impulse that blocks and sustains a negative situation.


We can dissociate ourselves completely and permanently from any thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes, sins or evil. When we discover one of these conditions, we employ denial, a decision followed by a concerted effort in our mind, beginning with the inner conviction that those beliefs, etc., are truly false. It is an effort to create an absence of that error thought or condition. We need to say “no-no” to and let go, refute, or reject the error condition that we know to be false.


We do not ignore or suppress or ignore our challenges, in fact, we need to first admit they exist. The includes the facts as well as thoughts and feelings about those facts. This is healthy self-awareness. BUT, we must know the truth of who and what we really are. Then we can use affirmations to bring our awareness closer to Divine Idea to bring good to us.


It is a process concerned with erasing error thought, beliefs, etc.. It is one of the Twelve Powers of Man, Elimination / Renunciation. Through this power, we support life-enhancing decisions and choices. We think about this error thought, etc., and realize that it is not the Truth. It is based on the fact that error though has no basis in Reality. They have no real power in themselves, but that which we give it by continuing in that error thinking. As we said, thoughts are things, and we outpicture what is held in our minds.


We use them whenever we become aware of a thought, feeling, belief or attitude that isn’t in line with our good and what is desired. Every time we become aware of something that contradicts our Truth. They are constructed in the present tense, first person, and either spoken aloud or silently to ourselves. Gently say, “I give no power to thoughts of lack (or whatever the error thought is).” For a physical condition, you might say, “I give no power to this pain,” or “I give no power to this disease.”


Formulate you denials about what ever thought, feeling, belief or attitude you desire to eliminate,




To affirm anything is to assert positively that which is so even in the face of all contrary evidence.


They serve two purposes First to educate our mines in positive ways of thinking. Secondly, they bring Divine Ideas from the unformed to the formed, from the invisible to the visible. They serve to identify with our Christ to raise it to our consciousness. Also, they raise collective consciousness and demonstrate the Christ Mind to the world.


As Norman Vincent Peal talked about positive thinking, but affirmations are more than that. They are realization thinking. That is when we know something is True regardless of outer appearances or evidence. It is a state of inner KNOWING that involves thinking and feeling Truth.


We erase error thoughts with our denials and train our thoughts with affirmations. They are a  process of claiming and declaring what is ALREADY TRUE at the level of Divine Mind or the Absolute Realm. Simply put, it is a statement of Truth made in the first person, active voice.


We use the Power of Imagination (Twelve Powers of Man) to visualize the Truth. See it happening. Feel what it is like. Smell the smells. And do so in as much detail as you possibly can. See it happening in your world NOW.


Affirmations build up and strengthen and empower a higher state of consciousness. It follows the Trinity of humankind – Mind-Idea-Expression on a personal level. We realize Truth as it is in Principle. Then we create an affirmation and hold it in consciousness continuously (which we often fail to do, we make the affirmation, then go back to the old way of being that we just denied). For example, “I am Christ; I am abundant; I am health.” Faith is the perceiving power of the mind linked with the ability to shape substance” (Dynamics for Living, P. 53).


“Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that Gods Spirit dwells in you? … For Gods temple is holy and that temple you are.” 1 Corinthians 3:16-17


Next week I will give you sample affirmations and prayers.

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