About Prayer

About Prayer


In Unity, we believe that there is only one presence, one power. That is what we call God, or is what is more appropriate, Divine-Mind, or Oneness.


We don’t believe in the traditional anthropomorphic God. God is not some old man with a white beard, floating on a cloud, pointing a finger at Adam as depicted on the Sistine Chapple. God is a spirit, omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotentence.


So what then do we pray to? For most of us, we were taught to prayt to that God “out there”. We prayed as if we were begging that God out there to take time out from running the Universe and grant us a favor of some kind.


We believed that God always answered prayers, but we never knew if the answer was yes or no, depending on his mood or whim.

We were taught that if we were good, God might just be influenced to answer those prayers in the affirmative, If we sinned, the answer would be no, unless we were begging forgiveness for our sins. We also wondered why bad things happen to good people!


But as I said, God is not a person, but pure being, of which we are part of. We individually embody Divine Life, Love, Intelligence and all the other Divine attributes. God is the One Power in all and through all Life itself, Love itself, and the indescribable yet recognizable Divine Force It is the invisible God we can choose to make visible. This means that we must learn a new way to pray.


Prayer is about your enjoying a better Life, empowered by Your  Divine Identity – The Christ. You can claim this identity during tough times and it leads to a grated life, greater love, and grater good, all of which are natural for you. They are your nature. Your birth right as Divine Mind expressing as you.


Most of us grew up under the impression that we were born sinners After all that’s what our pastors told us. We at Unity do not believe in Sin. How can we be made in the image and likeness of God and be sinners? It is a nonsequitur. God is pure good Thus it is impossible!


We in Unity know we are the answer to our prayers. Prayer is not a plea for some outcome, but a realization of what WE ARE in all circumstances.


We pray for relief from pain and painful feelings, reassurance in hard times, or to change some situation. So, we must reframe our prayer style to embody our Divine capacity for wholeness We know the Truth about ourselves – that our thoughts have created the situation, pain, or whatever, and that we can change the situation or eliminate the pain by simply changing our mind and assert our Divinity. We claim our birthright. In Unity we use affirmative prayers to affirm our true Nature.


In her book, “How to pray without talking to god,”  (2011, Hampton Roads Publishing, Charlottesville, VA) Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsette lists three things about affirmative prayers. These are:

  1. Cultivatyes our awareness of Oneness, the One Power and Presence and Divine Mind; we pray from a consciousness of god;
  2. Identifies Divine Mind as our true nature; we claim our Divine Identity and
  3. Reveals the highest truth we can comprehend in this moment; we realize Truth.

“We need to enter into God consciousness and we must cultivate our mind to the spiritual plane. If we offer prayers full of requests, we are praying to a false god  that doesn’t exist and therefore can’t answer these prayers.” (Francis W. Foulk, Unity teacher, Effectual Prayer, Unity Village, MO, 1945)


When we pray from a consciousness of God, we are acknowledging our Divine Nature so we can claim that which is naturally ours. We use Divine Power which is spiritual transformation. Divine power is one of the twelve powers we possess as Divine beings. These are: Love, Strength, Faith, Wisdom, Power, Elimination, Understanding, Will, Order, Zeal, and Life. You can learn about these powers in Charles Fillmore’s “Twelve Powers of Man,” which is available from Amazon or truthunity.org.


Myrtle Fillmore said “Prayer is the most effective method of renewal and transformation because in prayer [we] associate with God. (Myrtle Fillmore, 1956, “How to let God help you.” Unity, Unity Village, MO)

We will continue this discussion next week.



I sincerely hope you are finding my newsletter helpful in your spiritual journey. If there are any subjects you’d like me to explore for you, please contact me. The same goes for subjects of any class you would like me to teach. I am always open.

I am available for spiritual counseling. I do not charge for this, but a love offering is greatly appreciated.


Dr. Ron Hestand, RScP, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Life Coach. Presenter. Unity Spiritual Education Student. I do not charge ever. Free will offerings are welcomed, but NEVER required.

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