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The mind does not know the difference between what is already manifestm and what is yet to take manifestation. These ideas are held in your subconscious mind. The conscious mind only produces what is held therein your subconscious mind. Thus it’s true, that as you think, so you are.

There are two steps to creating what you want, or manifesting it.

  1. Know what you want.’
  2. Create the feeling of hiving it now.

It’s that simple. But yet a great many of us do not know what we really want. We just know we are miserable where we are at, with what we have, or what we are experiencing. So use that misery as a stepping stone toward getting what you truly need. Notice I said what you truly need. That is because we often, for instance want to be filthy rich, and not having abundance.

Don’t try to figure out how things will change. It may come in any way. An idea, a gift, or other source. But remember, the true Source is the Oneness.

Just move into the feeling that you already have what it is that you need. Immerse yourself in that feeling. How will you know you have attained it? What will it feel like? What will it look like? How will it benefit others (this is an important piece, for if we seek to help others as a result of having what we need, it seems to come much easier to us.

Listen to what Divine Mind tells you in that still quite small voice, or what opportunities it presents to you. If an opportunity or idea comes to you, you need to take action. We are told many times, “Seek and you shall find, Ask and it will be given unto you, Knock and it will be opened to you!” That means to get of your buns and get busy!

Know with all your heart and have no doubt about getting whatever it is you need. For the Oneness, has already given it to you. However, you must claim it. Lock that idea into your mind. In the Oneness is the Realm of All Possibilities. These are Divine Ideas. When we speak our “I am”, and claim that idea, it is ours. We must hold it in our minds and be grateful for it’s having been accomplished, because it has.

Whatever you hold in your mind the most, that’s what you will receive. So, rid yourself of all negativity, doubt, or skepticism. It is an immutable law of prayer that you get whatever follows your “I am.” That is what you are going to get. That negative self-talk, or those old theology ideas that you must beg a God “out there” for something the he may or may not grant depending on his mood or whim. Claim what you want and all that goes with it.

Create the experience through visualization. Eric Butterworth suggests that you journal each night, but that instead of writing what happened today, write what is going to happen tomorrow just as if you have what it is you want, and how you feel, what your day will be like, and how you will help other people, along with writing out your gratitude list. No matter where you are in your life, you have something to be grateful for, But in the journal, write everything that having what you want will make you grateful for!

In this journaling exercise, Butterworth says you program your mind to expect great things. When you expect them, they will occur. It’s like the line in the movie, “If you build it, they will come.”

Outward appearance are not real to you. They represent what you have been thinking about up until now. Change your thinking and you change that outside world When you realize you have the power to change the world, all things are possible, and there is no stopping you! All problems MUST be within your mind, and within your beliefs.

Once those beliefs change, miracles will occur. However they are not really miracles, they are fact, They were already there in that realm of all possibilities. You just had to believe. As you believe, so be it done.

When you choose from only what you know, you will get more of that same thing. You will continue to  create more of the same!

When a thought come into your mind, be aware of it, but don’t lock that possibility into your mind be aware of what it’s telling you, where it comes from.

The statement that “all things are possible” means that your “I am” statement is how you create change. For whatever follows that “I AM” is exactly what you are going to get. If your “I am” statements are ones of lack, disease, disruption, that is exactly what you will create in the outer subjective world.

In that “realm of all possibilities” everything is perfectj and harmonious and when we affirm that all things are possible, we direct our mind away from outward appearances to a possibility that will be prefect and harmonious When confronted with a problem, open your mind to a solution, Don’t assume a negative.

When you focus your gratitude on something, your gratitude will draw more of what we are grateful for.

Start where you are to manifest what you want and be grateful for what you already have, and what you are going to manifest.

Affirmations are words or statements spoken repeatedly and should contain the new idea AS IF it is already done. The physical realm feels very realm and it’s a temptation but don’t get pulled into the appearance of things. Recognize the Truth about you and the world.



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