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It is often asked by people, “Who am I?” That answer is at once easy and complex at the same time. You are a mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, employee, employer, make, female, etc. But those are descriptors apply to the physical realm, and are changeable.

But there is a higher realm to your existence, the Spiritual realm. You are the Christ. The expression of the Oneness. You are a Divine creation of the Oneness – God-Mind. That cannot change.

When you were born, you had a clean slate. You had no beliefs or thoughts, but you soon noticed someone coming in and out of your existence. You didn’t know who or why they were there, but soon learned that they fed you, changed you, gave you warmth and shelter. ‘

You began to depend on those people to meet your needs. You formed a belief about those people and the world based on how well or badly they met your needs. It was either a safe world or a dangerous cold world.

However, they didn’t always come when you cried, which you learned would summons them. And depending on how well and often those people met those needs, you formed your first beliefs about the world.

But you were also born with a need other than physical. It didn’t emerge until later – a need for spirituality. We can see this as far back as the primitive humans who invented gods.


But those deities were “out there.” They dwelt in everything from a rock to the heaven. They were punitive, or benevolent on a whim. As we became more sophisticated we found that God is pure  spirit and inside us. That spirit is all that is It consists of Divine ideas, thoughts, and forms. We are an out picturing of that Oneness.

When Moses ask God who “he” was, God replied, “I am that I am.” That statement has a very special meaning for you, a very far reaching meaning. It operates on a set of immutable, unchangeable laws. That is, like that Oneness, we are part and parcel of that I AM.

Like the Oneness, or I AM contains the realm of all possibilities. As in quantum physics, your thoughts become reality. Why?, because we are made in the likeness and form of the Oneness that spoke the universe into being.

To experience health, you must think health. You must believe in health. That’s where the belief system I spoke of above comes into play. So, you SPEAK your world into existence with your thoughts, just as your Christ, or the Oneness did, because you are a Divine Child, and inherit the abilities of the Oneness since it is within us, and is us.

Beliefs are patterns. They govern self-talk. It’s that self-talk that keeps us from our birthright. Change your beliefs and you change your life and find health and prosperity. The blessings that are yours to claim.

My point is that there is a belief that you are a body and that you experience illness, conditions or lack.

There is no God “out there” that capriciously rewards or punishes you on a whim. God, or Oneness is part of you. As we live in this physical realm of things, God appears to bless some and not others. But that is only outward appearances. It is not real.

God or Oneness being inside of you allows by law that what ever follows your “I am” is who and what ever you will experience it the outer realm.

For example, if you are saying to yourself, “I am sick,” or “I am having money troubles,” that is exactly what you will get or experience.

The Oneness set the whole universe into being with a thought. And since we are made in the image and likeness of it, we too have that power to create, and we create whatever follows that “I am.”

You will get exactly what you believe to be true. You experience whatever you believe to be true about yourself or your subjective world. You create that outer, subjective world, and it will always reflect back what you believe about it.

Since you are the creator of your experience, when you have feelings of shame, guild, illness, or lack, you will create more of the same. You are the one who makes yourself sick, feel shame, guilt, or lack.

The good news is that today is a new day, and you CAN change those thoughts and feelings about you and things, and start creating the you that you want. Simply become silent and realize the Oneness within you and claim your birthright!

Next week I will talk about the key to manifesting what you want.



I sincerely hope you are finding my newsletter helpful in your spiritual journey. If there are any subjects you’d like me to explore for you, please contact me. The same goes for subjects of any class you would like me to teach. I am always open.

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