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It’s interesting to note that Christmas day and New Year’s Day fall on the same day! The day that we start a new year is on the exact day of the week that we celebrate the birth of the man who would become the Christ. Thus, New Year’s Day is a great day to conduct the “White Stone” ritual I mentioned in my last newsletter. Then, on January 1 start your journey to become the best Christ you can be.

What does that mean? How can you become the best Christ you can be? On the surface, given that most of us were raised in the traditional Judeo-Christian belief that we are born sinners and we must struggle to become sin free. But then we read Paul’s words that he does the things he doesn’t want to be and thinks the things he doesn’t want to think.

That brings up a good point. We are humans. We make mistakes. In Unity, we do not believe that we are born as sinful people. We are born in the image and likeness of God. That means we are born perfect!

How refreshing is that! It means that God lives in me as the Christ. It means that our task is to look at our thoughts and actions and see what they tell us about ourselves. That, then, becomes our template for our change!

Entering the new year is a perfect time to call into existence a new you.

Begin by taking an inventory of the things you want to change. Write it down. Take your time. Meditate and pay attention to your self-chatter. Often this chatter is a great way to discover the negative things you say to yourself. Make a list like this:


Negative thoughts or      /  How I will change it

Behaviors                       /

On the left list all the behaviors or thoughts that are negative, limiting you, or situations that limit or block you from being the You you want to be. Then on the right, develop positive affirmations opposite of those things on the left side of the list.

It’s important to pay attention to your self-chatter. When one of those negative thoughts or behaviors appear, immediately say “STOP” either verbally or in your mind. Then immediately replace that thought or behavior with something from the right side of your list.


So often in the rush of the day, we lose sight of our inner Christ, or the Divinity within you. Remember that Jesus told us that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. During our childhood, and often into adulthood, you are told what a bad we are. We are frequently shamed.

One of our big problems is that we “should all over ourselves.” Nowhere in creation is it written that we should do or be anything! There are things which we might be better if we do or be, but we don’t have to!

You need to pay attention to your talk. Are you telling yourself any lies? Are you negating God’s goodness with those utterings? You were created in the likeness of God. God is pure good. Thus, you ARE pure good.

What has happened along the line is that we have attempted to move God out of our lives. Materialists do not believe in God, but he/she is still within them in the form of Christ! The Christ is in all humans, regardless of race, religion, or sexual preference.

That is what is meant by the Kingdom of God being within you. Eric Butterworth frequently stated that “God is not out there somewhere, God is within us.”

You keep the Christ by charity and gratefulness. Giving to others is a high form of praise to God, as long as you give without the expectation of getting something back.

Then being grateful for what you have along with being thankful for the thing you pray for, or affirm FIRST.

That kind of behavior proceeds from the center of the Power of Love! That power is located in the heart. Thankfulness is a praise to the God-mind. It quickens the Christ within you. The same thing for charity. That too comes from the Love center. That’s where the saying that you “give something with Love” refers to.


We are blessed greatly when we study Truth. Unity offers many spirituality based classes for a nominal cost. However, if you cannot afford those classes, you can visit truthunity.org for many free classes. Most of them are classic lessons in Truth. However, it would help keep the work up by making free will offerings for the classes you take.

Truthunity.org has a wealth of information about spiritual matters. You can get on their mailing list.

I frequently visit it. It gives me an up lift. I listen to recordings of Eric Butterworth’s talks, as well as other great people in the New Thought movement.

Attending church provides you a place to gather with likeminded people. Jesus said, where two or three of you are gathered together that He is there. What he was saying is that the Spirit of God is shared by all and your prayers are strengthened.

It’s like what is called the multiplier effect in economics. A person gets paid, say $100. They go to the grocery store and stock up on food with that money. That $100 creates jobs for people to provide stocking of the shelves and checkout personnel. They get paid. The grocery store purchases the food from wholesalers, who provide jobs for their operations. The wholesalers purchase their goods from manufacturers, and farmers. Both of whom must spend money for the raw materials such as grain, milking machines, tractors, etc. They all spend money! Thus that $100 dollars can be multiplied to thousands of dollars!

It’s the same with praying in groups. However, do not forget that Jesus also told us to go into our private place to pray. He scolded the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Priests for their use of prayer as a way to show how pious they were, not praying in public if it’s done in praise of the Creator, and not for our edification.



I sincerely hope you are finding my newsletter helpful in your spiritual journey. If there are any subjects you’d like me to explore for you, please contact me. The same goes for subjects of any class you would like me to teach. I am always open.

I am available for spiritual counseling. I do not charge for this, but a love offering is greatly appreciated.


Dr. Ron Hestand, RScP, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Life Coach. Presenter. Unity Spiritual Education Student. I do not charge ever. Free will offerings are welcomed, but NEVER required.

I can be reached at:

4134 Kalayne Lane, Williamsville, NY 14221

Phones: (home) 716-580-3344; (cell0 716-517-1222



My email is: rehes44@msn.com

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