How to Create A Permanent Behavior/Thought Pattern




Dr. Ron Hestand, RScP


Every day you think between 60,000 and 70,000 thoughts. 90% of these are the same thoughts! Repetitive thoughts create neural networks of connections between neurons. These networks provide the basis for our day to day life, as well as, who and what we are!

If you want to change your life, you need to change these connections! You do that by repeated thoughts connected to strong emotional content. The more you repeat a thought with concomitant emotions, the stronger that neural network becomes.

Take for instance learning to ride a bike. At first, you keep falling off. But the more you try to ride the bike, the better you become at it. Why, because you are building those neural networks. The body becomes better at the behavior than the mind’s memory!

Thoughts lead to choices which lead to behaviors which led to experiences and emotions and behaviors. It’s a circular process.

Our mental thoughts drive our bodily chemistry. An easy example is the “fight or flight” syndrome. You get frightened (a thought and emotion), so your mind send a signal to the body to produce cortisol (a body chemical), which in turn readies your body to run or fight. Stress also causes this same reaction. If you do not reduce stress, your body begins to show signs of over chemicalization. This results in diseases such as heart trouble, high blood pressure, ulcers, ets. So, you can see how a thought can create a disease or diseases!

How you think, act, and feel also results in your personality. What you have been thinking about is who you are! So you are better to think about what you want to be, now succumb to those old internal thoughts.

A habit is a redundant set of actions, thoughts, behaviors, emotions. A habit then, is something you’ve done often enough that your body knows how to do something as well as your mind!

How do you change that habit? You rehearse the thing you want to do rather than the habit in your mind. You picture this new habit as vividly as you can. What does your body feel like? What will you be doing? How will you feel like, besides what your body feels like? How will people around you react? What benefit will you receive because of the new habit? Do this as many times a day as you can. When you engage in the old habit, immediately stop yourself and replace it with the new habit you want to acquire. Do this repeatedly until the new habit completely replaces the old habit.

A word of caution here. Any time you eliminate a behavior, it will from time to time reoccur. This is natural. Do not get excited. Just stop and do the new habit.

If you think the same 90% of your thoughts every day, you will embrace the same outcomes! It’s been show by neuroscience that nerves that fire together wire together. Thus, your brain hardwires itself to those 90% of your thoughts. By the time you are 35, you become a set of memorized thoughts, behaviors, reactions, beliefs, and perceptions!

It is also a scientific fact that the subconscious mind (where most of those 60-70,000 thoughts occur) can not tell the difference between reality and what you tell it. Thus, that 90% of your thoughts may or may not be real and based in fact! That being said, you can feed the subconscious mind with positive thoughts and affirmations and it will treat them as just as real as those old thoughts!

Your subconscious mind is like a computer. Your thoughts are the programs. So, simply said, you can replace the defective programs with positive, effective programs.

When you learn something new, a new neural pathway is laid down in the brain. As I said earlier, nerves that fire together, wire together. So, this new learning sets up a new neural network. Again, the more often that thought is thought, the stronger that new network becomes. Soon, you body is responding to the new thought!

New thoughts = new choices = new behaviors = new experiences = a new brain connection. Thus, you can learn to think yourself healthy!

To change, become aware of the old self. If you are depressed, you behave that way over and over. That leads to guilt and shame, which in turn lead to more depression. So, become conscious of what you are telling yourself. Identify that negative self-talk. Now begin to ACT the way you want to be, and substitute new, productive, healthy thoughts, and behaviors for the non-productive self-talk. The body will follow! You will have renewed energy, zest, and self-worth.

You will probably feel uncomfortable doing this. That is good! As you practice the new thoughts and behavior, you will feel more and more comfortable! Soon you will be there.

Pick two things you want to change. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. The mind doesn’t know the difference between actions and thoughts. That new reality lies in that quantum field that is empowerment!


God told Moses that his name is I am that I am. Every time you say I am something, you are invoking that God-Mind within, stating you ARE whatever it is you say! So, if you say I am sick, you ARE sick. You have utilized the Power of Power to become what you have just stated.

So, my message to you is to start using the Power of Power to create health, prosperity, and rewarding relationships. State I am that I am. But in place of the word that, substitute what it is you want, health, say “I am health, I am.”

We know that we are spiritual beings created in the image and likeness of God, having a human experience. Being created in the likeness of God, we inherit the ability to create with our thoughts. That is why all of this works! It is our God-Mind, or the inner Christ that is doing the work. We are the vessel through which the inner Christ creates!


I sincerely hope you are finding my newsletter helpful in your spiritual journey. If there are any subjects you’d like me to explore for you, please contact me. The same goes for subjects of any class you would like me to teach. I am always open.

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Dr. Ron Hestand, RScP, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Life Coach. Presenter.

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