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Why does the Government Lie to us?

Through out my life, anyway, the Government has continually lied to us, concealed harmful acts, deliberately inflicted harm on individuals.

For instance, we can take the deliberate infection of black men with syphilis. Then there was the dissemination of  radioactive material over the Midwest. They administered LSD to individuals to study its usefulness in God knows what. All of this was done, hidden from the public, and denied until overwhelming evidence surfaced to force admission by the Government of its truth.

We also have myriads of UFO reports. Starting with Roswell NM. Out of the chute, it was reported that a flying saucer had crashed there. Then it became a weather balloon, and on and on. Kecksburg PA is another incidence of a UFO crash that the Government denied. Hundreds of pilots have reported UFO’s. All of these incidents have many creditable witnesses, yet the official line is that these reports are matters of misinterpretation. Project Blue Book was nothing more than a whitewash of the many reports of UFO’s.

Alexander Sitichn had interpreted  myriads of the clay tablets found in the Middle East. These clay tablets bespeak of knowledge of the universe that could not have been known by the ancient humans. They relate a chronology of the earth that includes the arrival of aliens from a planet Eridu that has an orbit of approximately 3200 years. These beings arrived way before the rise of humans, and in fact, are responsible for the creation of humans from lower primates by combining their DNA with that of the early primate to create homosapiens. This was done to create slaves to work for them.

These tablets contain uncanny parallels to the stories in the Bible, but predate it by hundreds of years or more. Take the story of the Flood. These clay tablets tell of a flood story that predates the one in the Bible. These tablets are a harbinger of things to come in the visitation of Aliens.

Why does the Government deny the truth about alien visitation? Is the evidence not indisputable? Can the reports of alien visitation by truly reputable individuals be in error? Can so many people be lying? If so, why? What do they have to gain? Ridicule, harassment, and in the case of airline pilots, grounding?

I think not. I was naïve until the 60’s when the Government’s lying about the number casualties in Viet Nam. They vastly understated the number of wounded military personnel. I was a Navy Corpsman stationed at Balboa Naval Hospital from 1963 to 1966. We were receiving wounded from Viet Nam before our presence there was even acknowledged. Then as the conflict grew, and our participation was made public. San Diego Naval Hospital was only one of four receiving hospitals, San Diego, Hawaii, Bremerton WA, and San Francisco. At a time when we were being told that there were 200 wounded en Toto a month, San Diego Naval Hospital itself was receiving 200 wounded a month.

Over the years the Governmental cover-ups became public. Yet, one must ask, what are they still keeping from us and lying about?    

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