““““““““““““““““““““““`On inconsistancies

it occurs to me from time to time that this great Nation of ours is on the brink of disaster. Our government has become apathetic to the needs of the 99% in favor of the 1% and uber right wing conservatives and extreme right wing evangelical religious sects. Their extremism s so radical as to almost classify them as cults.

The right side of the House of Representatives seem to seek out was to be obstructionists. With few exceptions, they block efforts of the liberal side of the aisle to even bring most of their bills to the floor of the House. The Senate, though having a majority of seats they lack the necessary                                                                                                                                                                                                                          60 votes to pass a bill. Again, the Right side of the aisle  seeks to block any legislation brought to the floor.

Now we hear that the Republican party has drawn up a bill to impeach our President — again, even after failing to impeach  the last Democratic President  Clinton. in addition they RIGHT IS TRYING TO FIND GROUNDS TO SUE THE PRESIDENT. This is a Congress that is worse than the “Do nothing” congress


in the Truman era. In stead of impeaching the President, we should impeach our elected officials.                                                                                                       

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