Ancient Aliens, part two

Now, I am going to get really controversial.

Reading the excerpts of the clay tablets that I was able to access that were translated to English, it became apparent that much of those tablets were historical data from the Sumer early civilizations much the same as the Holy Bible is. Now, little data exists as to the true dates that both civilizations put their histories. What the data seems to suggest that the clay tablets pre-date as well as over lap the information in the Bible.

In reading the translations I could access, the accounts in the Bible seem to plagerise the Sumer material, with the names changed to protect the innocent. It would seem to me that this would occur because these Jews were itinerant people. For example, Abraham was from a town in Sumer, so the conclusions by Sitchen as to the Sumerian name equivalents in the Bible.

A large percentage of creation stories and flood stories of world wide civilizations are too similar to dismiss as coincidental. I’ve not ran the statistical analysis on the similarities being coincidences, but informal educated guesses lead me to believe there is no coincidence in these civilizations just having similarities. The data would seem to strongly suggest there is some form of interconnection between these civilizations that we have not discovered. However such factual books as Kontiki seem to suggest there was much more interaction than we presently know about.

The stories in the clay tablets seem to provide a suggested explanation of these similarities. Those stories of an alien race from a rogue planet coming to earth before the emergence of Homo sapiens. They divided the earth up into an upper and lower settlement as well as one on this hemisphere.

The clay tablets contain exact descriptions of our solar system and the visible stares, not to mention statements as to the planet being roughly a slightly smashes sphere. Their content about the universe is very precisely aligned with modern astrological knowledge and distant computations. All this at a time that according to scientific data on age put far before the human inhabitants ability to understand, and their long standing belief that the earth was flat.

What then can we believe, but that the stories, chronologies, and lists are factual as the data seems to suggest.

These stories about the ” manufacturing” of humans and the successive attempts to perfect the process led to many monsters being created by the cross breeding of animals such as the Minitar, griffons and other such beastly creation before finally using the existing pre-human creatures and genetically advancing their evolution by thousands of years until sentience appeared and the newly minted human beings could be utilized as slaves to do the work the Annanaki had previously been doing. It was suggested that our genes were mixed with those of the Annanaki to creat a creature in their image.

The account in the clay tablets seems to follow our scientific understanding of creation, as well as the emergence of a single supreme entity, who then created all else as we know it. I believe the reference the aliens as gods or lords stemmed from the enslavement of humans and added by the chronicler in the telling of these stories. These beings were immortal, and apparently far advanced than even we are today in the sciences and technologies.

I may revisit this topic again soon, as I have many theories about the rise of civilizations, their religions and social structure.

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