Are there really ancient aliens?

Lately there has been a significant interest in ancient aliens as witnessed by the proliferation of television programs and web sites dedicated to the subject.

To me, as a forensic psychologist, probably one of the best series is the one by Stichin. He cites his sources, which include among others, the Holy Bible, and the clay cuneiform tablets from ancient Sumer.

In the last few decades, there have been more and more archeological findings of cities, and edifices that have moved the time frame of known civilizations back thousands of years earlier than was only recently believed.

Along with these archeological findings, the deciphering of the ancient clay cuneiform tablets. These closely follow known history as well as Biblical history, and tracks civilization on the earth from it’s creation thru much of the first five books of Biblical history, but show the reader parallel other names of those characters in Gennesis.

As a trained researcher, I follow a structured method of research, which involves checking and verifying citations, checking for internal and external validity, and when possible reading as close to the original document, or reliable translations of the available documents, along with watching for translator bias. That is the manner I am employing in

Let’s begin with some things that we cam pretty much agree on. Most of the civilizations in history have a flood story in their religious dogma or mythology. Man y of the stories in Holy Bible Genesis are found in some form or another in these early religious or mythological stories. There’re very similar creation stories, and people report seeing non-earth beings that
are flying or in or on some sort of device.

That could be understood if those cultures mingled as in trade, or some how had a means of communication. But these cultures were separated by vast distances, or were in inaccessible areas.

What then, do we attribute these “coincidences” to? There are a large number of a scientists, and many non-scientifically trained folks who have begun to believe that these things were either shared by the members of these culturally disparate groups as they actually happened to them, or they were told orally to the members of these cultures by aliens.

In another instance, astronomers from fairly early in ancient times did not know we have nine planets along with several moons amount the planets. They had only recently learned of Pluto and the asteroid belt beyond Venus. Yet the cuneiform tablets discovered in Sumer that not only tell a creation story that parallels the Genesis story of creation! Not only that, they present in their story nine planets, the asteroid belt, and moons being created. If there were no ancient aliens, how could these Sumerians have knowledge of our solar system AND at the end of their creation “myth” have those planets and the location of the asteroid belt.

Now I am going to get into some fuzzy areas of the theories about ancient aliens.

In fairly recent centuries discovered a number of indicators of the existence of civilizations far older than was long held to be the rise of civilizations. I like the definition that many historians, archeologists, and social scientists like myself were taught. That is a people’s civilization begins with the evidence of towns, villages, and agriculture appears. The existence of some what more complex art than the drawings found in caves and on rock faces.
Agriculture is important because a people must stay fairly localized to tend those crops and animal herds.

The striking things about the discoveries of these indicators is the engineering and construction of these structures. In a great number of these locations, the techniques used far exceeded those found in more recently dated locations. Things such has. The massive size of many of the stones used and the exactness of thee seams. Even today, we do not know how the ultra ancient edifices were constructed. Massive lentils weighing hundreds of tons were lifted dozens of feet in the air. We can only guess how surfaces could have been made so smooth using the tools that we believe these people had at their disposals.

Those clay tablets tell a story about the “rise” of homosapiens and how they were created originally as slaves to a race of extraterrestrial beings that came to earth to mine our resources. They had “flying” devices as well as “wonderous” technology at their disposal. Interestingly enough those tablets tell of the departure from Earth and give some indications that they took their technology with them.

Those clay slabs also tell us that, just as angels in the Bible intermarried with humans, so too did many of these extraterrestrial beings. As in the biblical stories children were born of those unions.

I could continue at length on these theories, but will close for now and resume this investigation in my next blog. So, come back in a month for that piece.

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